A dead man's penis is all anyone can remember from the new 'Baywatch' footage


There’s a lot described these days as things you “can’t unsee,” but I promise this is not hyperbole: Even as I type, I cannot banish from my mind the vision of that dead man’s penis.

Paramount Pictures opened its Cinemacon slate presentation Tuesday night with the cast of Baywatch, who introduced a “fuscia band” trailer (that’s “rated FU for ‘fucking awesome'” if you must know) that you may consider skipping, depending on your ability to forget. 

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Spoiler alert: If you want to be surprised — shocked? Grossed out? Impressed? — by the Baywatch fuscia-band trailer whenever it’s finally released to the public, read no further. (And if you’re about to eat, you also may consider reading no further.) Read more…

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