'Cries From Syria' is a grisly crash-course on the Syrian revolution



Cries From Syria is hard to watch.

The Syrian civil war documentary from Academy Award-winning director Evgeny Afineefsky examines Syria’s painful struggle with an oppressive regime, and every stage of the story is riddled with horrific violence against the innocent.

“I realized that to answer the refugee puzzle is to go back and deconstruct the history, which is what I did,” Afineefsky told Mashable.

Afineefsky started seeing graphic news reports from Syria starting in 2015, so he traveled to the Middle East. He went to the Syrian border — from Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey — where he learned about the regime of Bashar al-Assad and the children who spray painted “It’s your turn, Doctor” on a city wall, referencing Assad’s medical training. The children were arrested, tortured and killed; Afineefsky describes the atrocity as a spark that ignited a revolution — a revolution which turned into a civil war. Read more…

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