Facebook deletes angry DC fanboy group trying to bring down 'Black Panther'


Dear bitter internet trolls who are pissed that Black Panther is already blowing every superhero movie out of the water: boy, bye.

That’s basically what Rotten Tomatoes and Facebook told a short-lived campaign to bring down the upcoming film’s audience score before anyone even saw the damn thing. After critics who attended early screenings of Black Panther raved about it on social media, a Facebook group titled “Down with Disney’s Treatment of Franchises and its Fanboys” cropped up. 

It accrued roughly 4,000 angry fanboys — before promptly being shut the hell down.

The group claimed it was motivated by a now familiar and hilariously misinformed conspiracy theory: Touted by DC fans, it alleges that Disney somehow pays off nearly every critic from every major publication to trash DC movies.  Read more…

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