SXSW documentary sheds new light on Michael Brown's death


The video you may have watched but don’t remember paints Michael Brown — the unarmed teen whose 2014 death sparked protests — as something of an aggressor. At first, he waits at a convenience store counter, hands behind his back. He seems to talk with the person behind the counter, then leans forward and appears to grab a box of cigarillos. When the person behind the counter walks around to confront him, Brown, 18, shoves him and walks out of the store. Brown would later be fatally shot by a police officer, his body would lay on the street for hours. 

Now a documentary that premiered at South By Southwest this weekend is trying to put the old video into a new contextStranger Fruit shows another video of Brown in that same store, but it has a very different story to tell.  Read more…

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