Will make it harder for US firms to go abroad, can’t say bye and fire everyone: Trump

In his weekly address to the nation, Trump also said that he is working on a major tax reform that will reduce tax for American businesses. Washington: President Donald Trump has warned of “consequences” to American companies planning to shift base abroad, telling them that he …Read More


Donald Trump – Business plans in India

The future president of the United States, Donald Trump is making efforts to expand the company in India. Five major projects in the country, the company has now begun. Trump said that the arganaijesane. Nearby North American countries to start projects in the Trump Organization. …Read More


Obama’s farewell preview

Washington: President Barack Obama on Saturday spoke about the importance of ordinary people working together for change in a preview of the farewell address he will deliver in Chicago next week. Many departing US presidents have given farewell addresses as they leave office, a tradition dating …Read More