The horse in 'Shadow of the Colossus' is garbage


Shadow of the Colossus, out this week for the PlayStation 4, features an exceptional horse. Perhaps the greatest horse ever seen in a video game, really: loyal, strong, fluid in her movements, Agro is the kind of steed you feel honored to mount and… kill things with.

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But is Agro a realistic horse? Does Wander, the young hero of Shadow of the Colossus, treat that beast right?

Turns out: Not really.

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Mashable’s Kellen Beck talked to Rebecca Rosenberg, an equestrian of 22 years, to figure out what’s going on with this horsey. As it happens, all kinds of things are wrong. The reins are wrong. The horse’s body is wrong. It’s wrong that you can repeatedly smack it with a sword and watch sparks fly out of its meaty horse body without consequence.  Read more…

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