'Veep' cast talks tackling Trump in Season 6: We're not 'Saturday Night Live'


Don’t expect Veep to tackle President Donald Trump in its hotly anticipated sixth season — the show will remain firmly rooted in its “alternate political universe,” according to star Julia Louis-Dreyfus. 

During the show’s panel at South by Southwest — moderated by Meet the Press‘ Chuck Todd — showrunner Dave Mandel admitted that “all of the season was basically written and put together — it was filmed in October — but a lot of the writing came last June, way before he won, Hillary lost … this is basically what we were going to do.” 

While Mandel said there’s the “occasional joke” that might nod towards the current POTUS, he pointed out, “We’re not Saturday Night Live. If we try to make a joke about what Trump did yesterday, it will seem stale by the time the show airs,” since Season 6 doesn’t premiere until April 16. Read more…

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